Welcome to the Wallis-Dodge Genealogy web site. This site attempts to document some of the descendants of Nathaniel Wallis, 1632-1709, and John Dodge, 1580-1635. These men and many of their descendants lived in and near the Beverly, Essex County, Mass, area for ten generations. Of course there were numerous intermarriages between these families during that interval. As a result of the intermarriages with many of the early Beverly families, some of the surnames found here are familiar names in Beverly even today.

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This is a work in progress. The information given here should be considered as a hint or guide. This is not a proven genealogy, although I do my best to be accurate and to show my sources. I know there are many rough edges, sharp corners, missing citations, typos, and outright errors. I welcome your comments, corrections, and/or additions. If this site helps you in your research, it would be nice to hear from you.

The main effort has been to identify people, places, and dates. The US census citations are complete and (hopefully) accurate, and the associated images are also presented. Citations for vital records are (unavoidably) limited. You may wish to confirm these for yourself.

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